Quality promotion can help you to increase sales, motivate customers and contribute to a strong brand image. Brown Bomber Designs is here to make you look good, creating the visual tools companies and individuals need to reach marketing objectives. Satisfied clients from all over the country agree.

Chris L. Brown

Chris L. Brown… Can’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawing. He’s always had artistic ability.  First introduced to art on the computer in the fifth grade, fascinated he somehow knew his career would revolve around computers and art. The first design Brown created, was a logo for a friend back in 1996 and Brown Bomber Designs was born.

Clients hire Brown when they want a skilled graphic artist, with illustration and web design capability. Logos are a specialty. For him, each new design is a problem to be solved or a new interesting challenge to overcome.

Come to Brown Bomber Designs with a clear understanding of your vision, and you will be rewarded with high quality marketing materials that make your brand stand out.